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Ace Dental Boston Savers Membership Plan

At Frankel Dental Group, we offer an in-house dental savings plan for individuals and families that can save you money on all your dental care needs. Our dental savings membership plan provides:

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No Copays

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No Pre-Existing Denials

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Pays for itself with one standard cleaning

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No claims or frequency limitations

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No Deductibles

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Easy Enrollment with Immediate Benefits

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No Yearly Maximums

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And No Waiting Period!

*Please note that our Savers Membership Plan is only applicable for the patients without dental insurance.


Dental Membership Plan

$360 / Year
  • 1 Annual Comprehensive Dental Exam

  • 1 Annual Periodic Evaluation and Exam

  • 2 Dental Hygiene Cleanings

  • Dental X-rays (4 Bitewing and 1 Panoramic)

  • Any Other Individual X-rays As Needed

  • 1 Emergency Exam

  • Up to 20% off additional cleanings, dental sealants, dental fillings,


Dental Membership Plan

20% Off
  • Additional Cleanings

  • Dental Sealants

  • Dental Fillings

  • Core Build-ups and Dental Crowns

  • Root Canals Treatments

  • Oral Surgery

  • Periodontal (Gum Disease) Services

  • Tooth Extractions

  • Dentures

More Financial Information

Interested in more financial information, including accepted insurance plans and frequently asked questions?

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